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Rev Natasha and husband exposed for hiring same man for different miracles

It is a cinch that Reverend Lucy Natasha is not your typical ‘Kumbaya my Lord’ kind of preacher in long vitenges, headwraps, and tired weaves.

She is young and suave- but also controversial.

Four years ago, stories went around on social media about a snake that allegedly slithered onto the pulpit during a prayer crusade in Embu which was headlines by Natasha.

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She sought to clarify the issue, saying;

“It is true that a snake was seen during our recent meeting in Embu. But what was described in the media was partly twisted. I was among the preachers who prayed for this woman, and she was liberated” said Reverend Natasha.

“It was an interdenominational meeting at a social hall in Embu County. During the lengthy prayers that involved rebuking demons, this lady came out confessing that she had come with assorted paraphernalia,” she said

The reverend said the assorted paraphernalia included a small snake that left the congregation in shock.

“She rose up and confessed that she had some witchcraft items including a snake in the form of a jini. After praying for her, we burnt the snake and she was delivered,” recounted Natasha.

Earlier in the year, she was under scrutiny again after she hosted an online sermon where the said man of God preached passionately about blood sacrifice as the reverend nodded in agreement.

After backlash, she pulled down the video

In June, a female social media user named Martha Mwihaki has stirred the internet after exposing popular evangelist Lucy Natasha for engaging in sexual activities and cultism in her church.

Mwihaki who claims that she had been invited to Rev. Natasha’s office, revealed that she was shocked at strange portraits of controversial figures including renowned Nigerian pastor the late TB Joshua.

“Just like now, she still had a palatial state of the art office setting marked with weird arts, Portraits of popular Nigerian Televangelists, I remember that of the Late TB Joshua,”Martha wrote

Martha also disclosed how she became a victim of sexual harassment when she was being initiated into Rev. Natasha’s church, Empowerment Christian Church Nairobi.

This is what Martha wrote;


“I met Reverend Lucy Natasha after a friend of mine introduced me to her church in early 2014, just about when she officially began to house most of her services, mid-week and Sunday Services at Six-Eighty Hotel. I used to see her on social media but that was it, nothing much, apart from her usual contextualization of prosperity gospel to excite his fanatic congregation, because those are usually not Christians in pursuit of the true gospel. Just like Now, she still had a palatial state of the art office setting marked with weird arts, Portraits of popular Nigerian Televangelists, I remember that of the Late TB Joshua, a 6-inch red carpet and very fine men frequenting his office, I later learnt that they were his protocol and handlers. I was a little bit shocked because I am not a big fan of Nigerian pastors, I actually don’t trust them. My friend who took me there was constantly gazing at me because I appeared skeptical over everything, especially the portrait of a known controversial pastor TB. She loves calling people daughter, so she stretched her hand and reached out to me, “Good afternoon my beautiful daughter, Of course my age not withstanding I agreed and responded. I am way older than her, I dubiously smiled and responded “Good afternoon my spiritual mom, although physically I may be your mom. “She has a very good voice, so she smiled and the exchange of pleasantries was done. I partly introduced myself and expressed part of the reason why I was there, I however, insisted that it is my friend who persuaded me to see her because she felt that I would fit into her ministry as a deacon taking into account my passion for God’s work and at the time I needed a place to worship and initiate my ministry work. She looked elated and clumsily said that I was at the best place. Now, there’s this brother of him, who has some slippery hair, that guy was then the P.A. She called him and in he came with a 3-page form for registration. I was then requested to follow Rev in a small private extension for sort of some grilling or up-close, a very small extension that could only fit two persons. She asked me to get off my shoes and enter. I think that was now the beginning of my indoctrination to a “cult”. I started filling details on the sheet she handed to me. I was putting on my details as I popped my eyes on and off to her just to monitor things. My friends mimi hata mwanaume hajaniangalia na macho nikablush.The gaze was very very veeery suggestive, Well I ignored because I assumed that was her nature, well she’s pretty and that’s not a far-fetched habit by beautiful girls. I filled the form while still throwing my eyes randomly on her, to signal either I needed to consult on something but that was in guise of trying to angalia vile kunaenda. Suddenly, I felt something chilling down my body. Have you felt cold, then a petrifying thing runs down your spine? That is what I felt and the next thing was Rev asking me to get close to her for prayer. I actually hadn’t completed the form, but I was on my feet moving towards Lucy after that wave on my body. I then immediately closed my eyes and opened them, Alas the person next to me was not her, this was her mother (You know how close they are with the mother), Reverend was not there. I have NEVER ever seen that. I remember trying to scream but the voice wouldn’t be audible, you have tried to scream in your dreams and the only thing that comes out is a distant feeling of shouting but the actual shout not being projected, that was it. The person now next to me (the mother) started speaking in weird voices asking me to “Tulia Tulia,Kuna Roho anasema wewe ni mtumishi”As she was saying that, weirdly I was being caressed and fondled by someone I couldn’t see. The feeling was so strong that I actually started getting too close to the mom praying for me. For now handle that I will be back.



That was weird because in my entire years of allegiance to Christ I have never felt that. I have never seen that. Let’s just say the feeling was way too ungodly as a happenstance between a prayer session. When I partially began to realize I was in between something not so nice, I began to battle out the grip with aggression. I tried pulling myself away from her until she could no longer control me. I finally was off the hook but totally scared. Rev was then back and we were now the three of us, myself Lucy and her mother. There were only two seats, so Rev was on her feet with an iPad. Things were now a little bit calm and I was at ease though overwhelmed by events. I think they managed to capture my inner person and my spiritual responsiveness as afterwards I no longer treated them with hostility. She then introduced what was typed on the Tablet as a “Report” from the Lord concerning me on her ministry. I remember her telling me that the Lord had spoken and that I would be appropriated as deacon in the assembly. First I was hesitant but then there appeared to be a spiritual capture, so I sort of nodded as a sign of affirmation. I am woman who puts on long dresses, the first thing I was guided to do was put on relatively shorter dresses, the logic behind that was mysterious but obviously that was a sexual connotation for seduction, which is a pillar for Lucy’s church. FACT. The lady giving me instructions was a young lady, slightly above her twenties, same thing, seductive looks with extraordinary disagreeable attraction. One thing, never in your walk of faith ignore any red flag, if there are funny theatrics right from the word go, disappear and run for your dear life. I got embraced in the church and that was it. I was a “daughter” in the ministry. Days turned into weeks and months and so on. My first encounter with the “Liberalism” concept was when Lucy openly tried to fix me in a sexual escapade with a guest Nigerian Evangelist accompanied with one of her aide’s in 2015.After the usual Oracle services, as a deacon (senior church member) you have the prerogative of having an after service meeting to evaluate a few things as well as take time with a guest in case of any. After that particular service we walked out of Lucy’s Office and went to a private guest lounge, just within Six-eighty. We were 5 of us, Myself, the Nigerian Evangelist, one of her aides, her mom and the brother. As it were, we had dinner and it was time to leave because I am a mom and wife. There was some form of resistance on any attempt to leave, any aim that suggested that I was leaving was met with some forms of tushughuli that did not make sense.Mara sijui “wait a minute for us to clear the bill”,oh “Hold on Mum is changing” among others. Within say 20 or so minutes I realized that Lucy had left together with her bro and mom, and I in the company of the pastor and the aide were left, little did I know that the girl was part of script for a Threesome. Hahaha,Yes I said a Threesome. The Nigerian Con (Sexual predator) requested to have me get close to him so that we could have a prayer benediction and then leave as the rest had already left. I obliged because I was in a hurry to leave. Suddenly, From behind, the lady aide softly held my waist, we were a bit close in terms of acquaintanceship so I did not take offence. However, the moment I was sandwiched between them, I knew this was not a prayer but something else, perhaps a plan to kill me, because the thought of a sexual encounter was far-fetched. How now? I became very aggressive, and threatened to scream if they did not get out of my way. The moment both of them realized that I was not in the business of entertaining that nonsense, they simultaneously let go their arms and retreated to the seats. I uttered no word and left immediately traumatized. The final part and my redemption journey coming your way.

Part three of the exposé may not materialize as Martha’s Facebook account was then deactivated.

And she is facing the public jury again after a video exposed her and her new husband using the same man for two different ‘miracles.’

Watch the saga in the video below (courtesy)

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