Kenyans who take booster jab to get land near Nairobi

A man reacts as he receives a booster shot vaccine against coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a medical clinic makeshift tent to enhance the booster programme in Nairobi, Kenya, January 19, 2022. REUTERS/Monicah Mwangi

Thousands of Kenyans who take the booster Covid-19 vaccine beginning April 1 will each win a quarter acre of prime land in Mavoko near Nairobi.

Senior government officials said Thursday that at least 2,000 acres between the Konza City and Mlolongo have already been earmarked for the lottery.

This means at least 8,000 lucky Kenyans will get a chance to own land in Nairobi’s metropolis.

The Sh58 billion lottery plan is financed by National Treasury, the United Nations and the Gates Foundation.

“The plan received Cabinet approval in February. The President is expected to make the announcement before Easter,” Kur Tayani said.

The Ministry of Health said the land offer will encourage Kenyans to take booster jabs during the cold season when a new wave of infections is expected.

It will also be a big boost to the Big 4 Agenda because it will create a minimum new 8,000 house owners.

“Winners will be chosen electronically from people who take booster jabs between April 1 and August 1 when the cold season ends,” Dr Aliar Muthani, who has been appointed to head the project, said.

“They will be selected from the Ministry of Health portal (”

Head of Ethics at the ministry Dr Iwonda Mubeyi said they want to entice people with land so that many of them can take the vaccine.